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Selling Sunset Review

This was a show that was recommend to me as a great ‘trash TV’ watch, and I binged all three seasons over just a few days.

Selling Sunset follows a real estate company in LA that sell the most luxurious and expensive houses. The team consist of big personalities and as they see themselves as a family there is always drama going on. It’s the sort of TV you don’t need to be too invested in to watch, it’s definitely an easy watch and something you can enjoy when you don’t want to use your brain too much.

In my opinion, I ended up watching this show more for the homes than the drama. Don’t get me wrong, the drama adds a lot of weight to the storyline and keeps you watching but seeing the houses they were selling each episode and the commission they made on them seemed crazy to me! The houses were utterly gorgeous and it made me sad looking out my window at dreary grey English sky when I could be living it up in my multi-million pound mansion by the pool in hot LA weather.

This is definitely a show I’d recommend to people who like trash TV like Love Island, Love is Blind and even shows like Gossip Girl based on the drama. It’s reality TV at its finest and since watching this I have found even more hidden gems on Netflix that are just as trashy and over the top as this show.

What did you think?

Until next time.

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