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Lose a Stone in 21 Days Review

Wow! This show caused some controversy! But I won’t lie, I really enjoyed it and found it super informative.

Lose a Stone in 21 Days follows a group of volunteers who have gained weight during lockdown and want to lose it. Over 21 days the volunteers follow a keto diet, a high fat, low carb diet that burns fat instead of sugar thus resulting in faster weight loss. The group were also assigned 800 calories a day.

Now I do agree that this is a drastic change and example of losing weight. But, what people seem to forgot or be ignorant to is that these people were monitored and made sure they were ok with this both physically and psychologically. If Debra from down the road decided to start it after a few Google searches and a recipe book or two I bet you it would not go down well, but this is a different situation.

The first thing I noticed about this journey was that they were not alone but were constantly being updated with new recipes and foods and having check ins to see how it’s going. The volunteers were also doing this because they wanted to, not because they were being told to, and based on what we saw at the end of the show it seems they were able to keep their weight loss up after the 21 days too which is a huge feat.

Now I saw a lot of people online complain about this show, saying it promotes eating disorders and is too extreme to be healthy. But that’s the whole point! It is extreme and it is for entertainment but also shows that it is possible and could be the drastic change people need to be able to start losing weight.

I also saw a lot of false advice and narratives being spread online including people saying you have to cut out certain foods to lose weight and how white carbs are the enemy. This is a complete farce and lie sold to you by weight loss companies who want to profit off of you with their weight loss teas and sweat bands. I go more into this on my YouTube channel so please do check that out!

But if people can see past all the lies and overreactions they would see that this show was informative and gave some good advice on how to lose weight and be happy with the process. Yes we don’t all need to go into a 800 calorie a day diet but with the ever growing waist bands of our nation is it really a bad thing to talk about? I would love to see more shows like this that show different diets and ways of life so people watching who want to lose weight can find what works best for them and is able to keep off the fat.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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