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Indian Matchmaking Review

This was a show recommend to me and I didn’t think I’d be into it. But almost immediately I got super invested!

Indian Matchmaking follows single Indian men and women who want to find love (or their families do). We follow many different people from many walks of life and areas who want to find their match and use certain matchmakers who compare profiles and try to fit the best people together with the best suitors.

Watching this it really did show me a different way of looking at love. Love here seemed to be a family affair where the families have to get on too and their beliefs and traditions and lives have to match up perfectly. It also showed the issues people have in a modern society where men expect to be the breadwinners whereas the women are getting into higher better-paid jobs and don’t want to be house wives. How people want to wait longer to get married while their parents are pushing them to find someone and have grandchildren.

It was interesting too how these people we saw were so upfront with what they wanted, be it a wedding or where to live or family, on first dates they would bring this stuff up and within a few months they’d be engaged! I feel if you bought up marriage on the first date with most lads in England they’d run a mile!

But this opened up my eyes to looking at love in a new way, about compromise and staying true and strong to what you want. It was fascinating to see it from a world that I am not accustomed to and I would love more shows like this to learn from other cultures what they believe in love and marriages as I imagine there is a lot I could learn from them.

I would definitely recommend watching this show, even just one episode, as it is fascinating!

What do you think?

Until next time.

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