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Mrs Doubtfire Review

So I finally got around to watching this movie after many a year, and despite its age, it’s still a wonderful movie.

Mrs Doubtfire follows Daniel, a voiceactor, who’s wife is divorcing him and he has to leave his family home and his three children. He needs to prove himself to the judge to have joint custody of his kids but finds, during this time, he’s just not getting to spend enough time with them. So when his now ex-wife decides to hire a nanny he does what any sane person would and dresses up as a female, elderly nanny called Mr Doubtfire to get to spend more time with his kids.

What could go wrong?

This movie was fun, charming, and a bit rude which for a family film was very fun to see. It kept me interested and engaged and did really make you feel for Daniel and his predicament. It’s always hard when people split up but seeing it from this perspective was definitely new and interesting.

The character of Mrs Doubtfire was incredible and it really goes to show how much of an amazing actor Robin Williams was. The constant voices he does and the way he can make me laugh even as an adult watching this is so enjoyable.

I’m almost a little sad I didn’t watch this movie sooner but I am very glad I did now, and now I can watch it again and again and enjoy it even more. This is one movie that I think will hold up for a while and will be incredibly rewatchable.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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