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Get Smart Review

I was surprised I never watched this movie before. The Rock looks so young!

Get Smart follows a man called Max who wants to be a spy. One day his work is ransacked and he is stepped up to the plate with another spy, Agent 99, to stop a terrorist attack.

This movie reminded me of stuff like Austin Powers and Johnny English, but obviously more American. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, and if you read this website often you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of action movies (just check out my The Bourne Identity review!) so finding a movie that takes the mick out of classic action movie spy tropes I do actually enjoy and has the tongue in cheek humour I find appealing.

What I found amazing was how much of a star studded cast this movie had, so immediately seeing those names come up on screen I knew it’d be good. I wasn’t wrong. Each big actor had his or her moment and each were as funny as the last.

But that does not mean this movie goes without faults. I hated the romance, I felt there was no place for it and really it cheapened the whole thing. Yes I know it’s a standard stereotype but still, it was not one I enjoyed.

But regardless, this movie was still fun and entertaining and one I would recommend to others to watch although I doubt I’ll be rushing back to rewatch it anytime soon.

What did you think of Get Smart?

Until next time.

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