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The Fall Season One Review

I won’t lie, the first episode didn’t hook me until the final few minutes, but this season was definitely a new and interesting take on crime drama!

In The Fall season one we follow both the police, including police woman Stella, our main character, and the serial killer they’re trying to hunt down, Paul Spector. This made this show so much more appealing because you could see both how the police werre trying to track him down and what measures they used there while also seeing how Paul is evading capture, how he kills his victims, and how he has to act like a regular normal family man.

One thing I did notice about this season was that they loved a good metaphor. As the wife of the killer is a nurse that works with babies there was a lot of comparisons between new life and lost life plus how both these newborns are babies as well as the women he is killing are also someones baby too. There was even a line metaphor with ‘can I touch her’ between a mother and her sick baby in the hospital and a man who has just had to identify his dead daughter. I found these to be very on the nose but also understood the reasons behind them and how the show was trying to get you to feel towards these characters.

This season was a really easy watch and felt very in-depth with how much we learnt about the characters and the way they operated. Being only five episodes long there were no moments that felt like they were filler or any points where I got bored or had lost interest. I do wonder how they will continue this cat and mouse chase for another two seasons but I will definitely enjoy watching and finding out.

If you like crime drama this is one show I would recommend watching as it feels fresh and new compared to other crime dramas and really does keep your interest through the episodes. Each moment has a point and is justified and I am looking forward to watching the next two seasons as soon as I can.

What did you think of The Fall season one?

Until next time.

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