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The Babysitter: Killer Queen Review

I absolutely loved the first film so I was so excited to watch the sequel…but did it live up to my expectations?

The Babysitter 2 as I will be calling it follows Cole again who is now 2 years older, he is still friends with Melanie, the girl from the first movie, but he is having issues as no one believes what happened in the first movie actually happened.

In a last chance choice between going to the lake with Melanie or going to a psychiatric school Cole makes a choice that changes his life forever…as the events of the first movie start to happen again.

I won’t lie, the first say 20 minutes of this movie really worried me. The parents were a big part of this section of the film and the way they were written felt so out of touch and awkward to me. It was like watching the parents in F The Prom again but with less creepy sexual comments on underage girls. This really worried me as I did hope the movie would be another enjoyable experience but thankfully, once the scenes with the parents died down and we could get back to Cole and his friends, everything was right in the world once more.

Again, like the first movie, this was a very enjoyable watch and had a lot going on. Not only was it gorey in a comical way it was also very funny and each of the characters were interesting to watch. I did find a lot of the references in this movie could easily date it and make it feel old very quickly but, for now while the quick witty jokes are still relevant, it is fun to watch.

So what was the moral of this story? My favourite bit in fact? If you don’t want to deal with satanic rituals and demons who want to steal your blood, it’s simple: get laid. I found it so funny that this was basically the whole point of the movie and I do hope that this is the final movie in this series as it was such a great ending. It was sweet to see old characters come back and be introduced to new, interesting ones, but I don’t want it to be dragged out into a franchise that it doesn’t need to be. These two movies are great in their own right and ones I would watch again without hesitation, so I do just hope it stays as the two but hey, it’s Netflix, who knows.

What did you think of the movie?

Until next time.

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