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#Alive Review

Thinking back, this is the first zombie movie I have watched when it was released, so while all others seemed slightly outdated for me as I watched them too late, seeing the technology used in this one to help escape the outbreak was really interesting.

#Alive follows a man who lives at home with his parents and sister who is home alone when a zombie outbreak starts. Alone he must try to survive and of course only has the things in his apartment to help him with that including food and water. He lives in an apartment complex so the streets below are full of zombies from all these homes and these zombies are honestly terrifying. The way they’re dirty and covered in blood and have no care at all and can run like athletes were horrific to watch. There was nothing held back in this film in making these zombies scary.

What I really enjoyed about this movie was how real it felt. From the main character playing games on what seemed like a Twitch sort of server, to uploading his thoughts and feelings online and needing technology to keep him informed, even calling out all his headphones for being wireless when he needs a wired headphone set to be able to listen to the radio. It was all these small things that we don’t really think about that do make you wonder: how would I fair in a zombie apocolypse?

The story kept me engaged and interested and it really made you feel for the characters you saw and their situations. It was interesting as well to see how long the time passed in this movie and how, from memory, I don’t eben think it was a month and by that point the main charactwer had suicidal thoughts. With the current state of the world in this pandemic it really bought on emotions I hadn’t really felt before about being at home, stuck, with no way of going outside and how the parallels are quite strong.

I enjoyed this movie and I do recommend it but I do think you have to be into these sorts of things to really enjoy them as I know zombies aren’t for everyone. But it is a good new zombie movie to add to the list and it does make you think ‘what would I do in his situation’.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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