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The Crown Season One Review

I’m not a big fan of period dramas but this hooked me from episode one! Why? I think it’s because it’s real life.

I won’t lie, despite being from England and living here all my life I know little about the royal family apart from what is happening currently. So this show was a great eye opener into the recent history of our royals and giving us a peek behind the curtain at what it’s really like.

This season mainly concentrates on Elizabeth becoming Queen, Princess Margaret’s love affair with a married man, Churchill’s hold on being Prime Minister and his declining health and Prince Phillip’s issues with taking a back seat to his wife.

I found this all very fascinating as i knew none of this, of course I know about the Queen’s coronation, everyone does, but looking at how Churchill was still PM for so long and everything happening with Princess Margaret was completely new to me! Churchill in my mind was only prominent during World War 2 and not afterwards, plus I never realised how old he was.

One episode that I found thrilling was the smog episode as it is so easily comparable to the virus that is causing havoc in the world right now. To think an estimated 12,000 people died in just 3 days because of a simple choice the PM decided to not pursue is insane! It shows that hindsight really is a big thing and greed is often the reason most people suffer.

I used to look up at the royals and think how glamorous their lives must be, but seeing it from the eyes of the royals themselves you really get to see how stressful the job actually is and how it can cause big issues with relationships, especially involving Elizabeth and Phillip.

And yes, I know this was a much different time, but the fact that a royal cannot marry a divorced person seems insane to me! Why not? All this chat of religion yet, as we found out, most of the men who were making these rules were divorcees or adulterers themselves! I do not understand the backwards ways this world lived in.

But hey, overall I would definitely recommend this show. Not only is it dramatic and keeps your interest it’s also interesting to learn more about the British history and really find out what was going on and not what the media was selling to us.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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