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Inside Missguided – Made in Manchester Review

So I constantly saw this show trending on Twitter so I gave it a watch while I was in the bath, something I like to do when I know the thing I’m watching won’t need too much attention, let me tell you: I couldn’t make it past episode one!

Missguided if you don’t know is a fast fashion clothing brand in the UK that nearly went under due to debt a few years ago, a fact they love to milk in the show but never actually give any context on. Despite the company being founded by a man the women of the multiple teams love to say it is powered by them, a clothing brand by women for women if you will.

Now, I am not an uptight person or am I too formal but watching these people be interviewed for the show and how they act in the workplace really shocked me. The amount of swearing and lack of care in how these people presented themselves was astounding! Every other word out of their mouths was a swear word and usually had no point to it at all, they could’ve easily completed their sentence without it and come across much more professional.

Now I have an issue with fast fashion anyway as it is horrific for the environment but the way these women acted seemed like they just didn’t care. They found an influencer’s look, copied it, and had it ready on their website within a week! I would hate to know the conditions of where those clothes are coming from…

And another thing that annoyed me was how much they liked to brag. They really wanted an influencer called Molly Mae to work with them and they were offering her a few hundred thousand pounds and a brand new car for the privilege! How can a company that nearly went out of business due to debt now flaunt all this cash? And also expect a discount from their suppliers when clearly they don’t need the discount guessing the profits they make on these clothing items and the people who make them probably need the money more than all of these influencers!

I don’t shop with Missguided but if I did this show would’ve put me right off them, it only shows them in a negative light of unprofessional-ism and greed. They come across as if they couldn’t care for anything bar what money they and the business are making and it was shocking they thought this would be a good PR move.

Don’t watch this docuseries unless you want to lose a few brain cells.

Until next time.

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