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This is Paris Review

What an insight this documentary was!

Now I know of Paris, of course! Everyone does. But I only knew her from the media side of things. From the paparazzi and the ditsy way she presented herself. She was this blonde Barbie who loved tiny dogs and lavish living and was completely out of touch with the real world.

To then see her in this documentary as this business woman who didn’t have the easiest upbringing and not everything was down to ‘daddy’s money’ was eye opening! I especially found it shocking that her sex tape that kind of made her a household name she didn’t even consent to being released. How horrific must that make you feel knowing something so intimate and so private has been viewed by millions around the world? It’s absolutely disgusting.

But the biggest shock for me in this documentary was seeing what her parents put her through to try and put her on the straight and narrow. Because she was a party girl and misbehaving and outspoken they sent her away to a school which literally sounds like a prison. For what? Because she didn’t match up to her family’s standards and way of life? It’s disgusting and places like that shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

It was also horrible seeing how her boyfriend treated her and how thankful I was to see how she was strong enough to know she didn’t deserve that. Fame comes at a price and I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible and lonely it can be, especially when everyone knows you as a blonde bimbo and not as the strong, independent woman you really are.

This documentary showed me that being famous for just being you can be a curse and how we shouldn’t take our normal lives for granted. Maybe it would be amazing to be famous and earn money fairly easily, but are you really ready to give up all your relationships and privacy just to see if it’s everything you’ve dreamed of?

I know I would hate that. What do you think?

Until next time.

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