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Enola Holmes Review

The hype around this film was so high I worried it wouldn’t live up to it, thankfully I was wrong.

I won’t lie, when I first saw this being pushed on Netflix I thought it would be a TV show. There is no issue with it being a film but I feel we could’ve spent more time and learnt more about these characters and the backstory if it was a TV show, but that’s just my thoughts.

This was a star studded cast full of very strong actors so you knew it would be a good film, the main thing to look at from my perspective was the story. I really enjoyed it! While it did jump about a bit here and there it was a fun and interesting tale of a changing Britain with women trying to come into more power, and people no longer wanting just the white men to have a say in what was happening in their lives. It was interesting to see Sherlock in a very traditional light, especially with how he and his brother treated Enola, but I felt the ‘girl power’ messaging wasn’t too shoved down our throats.

One thing I did love about this movie was that the romance wasn’t too prominent. Of course it was there but the whole point was showing how Enola is so much more than a simple wife so not leaning too heavily into her love life I really appreciated. I wanted Enola to save the day and be the strong woman she is and not let the boys tear her down or take over.

I feel this isn’t a movie I would rush back to watch again. While it was good I wasn’t so entertained that I had to watch it again and again but I do still recommend it, especially if you’re into these sort of mystery stories.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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