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Criminal: U.K. Edgar Review

I love crime dramas but this show fascinated me more than any other due to the fact it’s all based in an interrogation room.

The first episode follows Edgar, a man who’s step-daughter has been found murdered. He is under interrogation as a prime suspect but for most of the interrogation responds ‘no comment’ to the questioning, until he is able to forge another story line, one that pulls the blame away from him and towards another man.

This episode was fascinating, especially being the first one, as it was something so different to other crime dramas I have watched before. I found it quite fun listening along to the evidence being given and trying to come up with my own theory about who really killed the young girl.

Now in the show, when Edgar starts talking about his theory and who he thinks killed his step-daughter one thing stuck out to me from the evidence they had compiled on him and that’s: why did it take him so long to drive home? Yes you may be able to say you had an argument with her and that explains the bruises and why you stormed out and left her but that does not explain the couple of hours of missing time from your drive home.

This was something the cops seemed to forget and kind of annoyed me a little as an audience member but then I guess they have so much to remember things can easily fall through the cracks. What I didn’t like about this episode however is how everything seemed to come together with a neat little bow at the end. It seemed a bit rushed to me and too convenient really. I get each episode is only 45 minutes long and that’s the whole of the story for this case but it did seem a bit of a sudden ‘and here’s all the evidence we need, bye, you’re being sent to jail’.

I did also notice that the actual end of the episode had a slight overhanging story line, a story line I don’t think matters too much at this time and you could easily still watch the episode on its own and not another. I feel this little extra was only added in to keep audience members interested to watch the next episode to see what would happen in this B story line as the main story line is done and over with.

While this first episode did feel a bit too well put together in the end with the evidence it was still fun to watch and I would recommend you give it a go especially if you enjoy crime dramas.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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