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Friday the 13th 2009 Review

Was this a remake? Was it a sequel? Who knows! But what it was, was awful!

In this film a group of friends go camping near Camp Crystal Lake and Jason comes after them and kills them off, pretty simple right? But then we see another group of friends who are also near Camp Crystal Lake having a standard two thousands party of beer pong and boobs, but one knows another guy, a guy who has come out to the area to search for his sister who was part of the original group. We’d all presume she’s dead right? Well it’s not so black and white as that and actually Jason has kept her alive! For what reason? Well I have no idea.

This movie felt very noughties, it was crude, had lots of awkward scenes of young adults messing about and loving boobs far too much, and it just didn’t seem to add anything of value to the overall franchise.

At one point Jason finds the mask in an attic room yet he’s had this mask for years so why now is he re-finding it and reusing it? The ending mirrored the ending of the original so had no creativity there, and they tried to show the twist of the original again in the opening credits, as if the audience would’ve forgotten it, but it came across really cheap and not needed.

Overall I didn’t enjoy this movie and felt it was far too cliche and that this slasher franchise should’ve stayed as it was when it was good. Jason is a great horror figure but this cheapened him and just made me not care much for the franchise. Keep it to the originals, maybe a sequel or two but it doesn’t need to be this over the top franchise that sees hundreds of films come from it! But hey, at least the game was pretty good.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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