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Love, Guaranteed Review

So I saw this on Netflix and was in a romantic movie sort of mood so thought ‘why not?’. Let me tell you how cliche and trash this movie was.

Love, Guaranteed follows a struggling lawyer who takes on a case with a man who wants to sue a dating site because he has not found love. This man is a serial dater who often sees more than one girl a day and believes he has a right to compensation because he has not found the one.

But along the way, wow who could’ve guessed it, the lawyer and this man start to fall in love. It’s the usual story line and it’s way too overplayed now and just cliche. But oh no! This could ruin the case because technically he has found love through the app because he found his lawyer! Usual conflict, yada, yada, yada, all works out in the end.

First of all, I feel this movie tried to make the male character the perfect man. Someone who is charming and witty and funny and incredibly caring but to me it all came off kind of shady and fake. Why would a man who is a serial dater and dates multiple girls at once also be trying to find love but not putting the time or effort into it? I didn’t click with his character at all.

And then the lawyer! Well she was totally clueless which I find very hard to believe, even if you’ve never used dating sites you still know about all the dangers and cliches around them! They tried to give her the boss role in this movie but ultimately it didn’t work for me.

And then the ending! The ending was so overly sweet and try hard it was obvious that’d never happen in the real world. I hate this ‘wrap everything up in a bow’ mentality these movies have!

So would I recommend it? No. And I’m not just saying that because I’m not a huge fan of rom coms, there are good ones out there but sadly this is not one of those. It’s far too cliche and drags on way longer than the run time actually is.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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