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Onward Review

A new Disney movie?! That’s right up my alley! But I never thought I’d cry this much…

Onward follows brothers Ian and Barley who’s father died when they were little, Barely in fact (in the words of Bruce from Finding Nemo) ‘never knew his father!’.

In this world magic exists but thanks to technology had become obsolete. Their father however knew how to do magic, so before he died he put together a spell that would mean he could come back to life for one day once both his sons were over the age of 16. Barely is the only brother who can do magic so is tasked with bringing his dad back, yet it goes wrong and only the bottom half of his father returns. The brothers have to race to find a way to bring their father back completely before the 24 hours is up and he is gone again forever.

One thing I have noticed from Disney recently is they are moving away from romance movies and moving more towards sibling movies which I do not mind at all. This movie is no exception. In Onward we get to see these brothers go through a lot just to see their father again and it really does pull on your heartstrings making you think what would you do for 24 hours with someone who is no longer around?

But, while this movie is very touching and sweet to say the least, it is also hilarious with a lot of moments of slapstick comedy which I appreciated and just funny little quips that I think Disney pull off really well. This movie is a delight for both adults and kids alike and one I would happily watch again but not anytime soon as I don’t think I could go through that ending again anytime soon! It is beautiful, clever, funny and heartwarming and I cannot recommend it enough.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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