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Whose Vote Counts: Explained Review

I saw this on Netflix and decided to give it a watch despite being from the UK, I won’t lie, the US way of voting is so confusing!

This series explains to the audience about US voting in elections and how biased and unjust it is, Watching this was such an eye opener and as a Brit I do not understand why certain people in certain areas do not have the right to vote and how the people in charge can just make these decisions whenever and however they decide.

I looked into who can and can’t vote in the UK and really it only seems to be people under the age of 18 and people who have been imprisoned. Now this seems pretty fair to me, I would love to look more into why prisoners can’t vote but that’s for another day. Whereas in America who can vote can vary from state to state. There are some areas were convicted felons can’t vote (like the UK) but there are some areas where they can, so why isn’t it the same for everywhere?

From what I saw it’s all about the people in power being picky and choosing who can and can’t vote based on who they think will vote for them. One governor went through felon’s reasons as to why they should be allowed to vote and chose, seemingly randomly, who got the privilege and who didn’t.

But that’s the thing, voting isn’t a privilege, voting is a right! If you were born and live in that country you deserve a say on what happens there as it effects you, at the end of the day the common man is going to be the one who has to live and work with the ones in power so they should have the right to vote. But the most shocking thing, not many people do.

I do not understand people who don’t vote, it seems most think their vote won’t make a difference, but it can! Just one vote or one hundred votes could tip an election one way or another and change the course of the future forever. Plus, why would you not want to vote? You are voting on not only your country’s future, but your future too. Don’t you want a say in that? Don’t you want to be in control of your future?

All I say is, vote! Wherever you are, whatever country you are from, just get up and vote when it’s time for you to vote! Have your say on matters. What does staying home and complaining about it do? Nothing! Use your voting paper to tell the people in power exactly what you think, who you want and what policies you want in place. Nothing changes if people don’t vote because the ones who come out and vote every time will always be the ones to win.

It’s time for you to take charge of your life! Make that difference, make a change, and vote! One small thing can change everything so why not take that first step in reclaiming your life and living for yourself?

Until next time.

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