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Halloween 2018 Review

I was really excited to finally watch this movie, and unfortunately I was bitterly dissapointed.

In the newest instalment we follow Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson who is being stalked by the masked killer, along with a bunch of other people, and also has an estranged relationship with her grandma. Laurie is still reacting to what Michael did all those years ago and has become a drinker who isn’t scared to flash her collection of guns.

The movie begins the same as the original, with Michael breaking out of an insane asylum, and we actually meet two filmmakers who want to discover more about him which gives us all the exposition, exposition I felt wasn’t really needed if you already understood the Halloween movie. So with Michael out of the asylum, he just starts killing people as he wishes, in ways that mirror the original movie deaths and some new ways too.

The issue I had with the deaths however, especially the ones that were just simple stabbings, was that the blood was incredibly fake and incredibly CGI. I feel they made it look better in the 80s and that’s saying something!

I also found the story line quite boring too unfortunately. It just didn’t grab my attention and I do blame that mainly on the exposition filmmakers at the start. I feel if we had started straight away with Michael being released from the asylum or breaking out or whatever it could’ve thrown us right into the action, it could’ve been a lot more exciting and it wouldn’t have dragged on for so long.

Another part that I remember loving from the original and not getting much of from this movie was the suspense. The suspense made half of that movie so exciting because the stalking and the little hints to Michael was terrifying! In this one I felt that was lost and mainly the movie concentrated on the drama of Laurie’s family and the actual death scenes. Blood and gore is one thing but the chill down your spine from being watched is a totally different thing that really takes the franchise to a different level.

If you want a good movie to watch on Halloween then sure, it ticks all the boxes of conventional horror slashers but I’d personally rather watch the original than watch this one again.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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