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Criminal: U.K. Stacey Review

The second episode and I will say I preferred this one much more than the first, although it was very predictable.

Stacey is being interrogated as she is suspected of killing her brother in law with poison. The interesting thing is Stacey admits it, but as always with crime dramas, there is always more to the story.

I quite enjoyed this one, especially as it seemed the case was closed halfway through and yet there was still so much more to come. This story felt believable, it felt honest, and I enjoyed how Stacey was able to see how the copper’s words and phrases could be used against her and how she came across very smart. Stacey had depth to her and it was interesting also to see how the officers would speak to one another, even if the case is closed, to really find the truth rather than just let someone go to jail.

As an audience member I definitely had more questions as to why Stacey did what she did and the means behind it so I was very excited to see her questioned twice in the episode to get the real truth out. It was a good way of not making each episode too repetitive or boring and keep your interest too.

I personally enjoyed this episode much more than the first with Edgar, but what do you think?

Until next time.

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