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Ali G Indahouse Review

Only a few years late to watching this…

This movie is infamous in the UK and so is Ali G. He was at his height of popularity when I was still a bit too young to understand what he was going on abut so I am kind of glad I waited to watch the film until I was older to really understand all the references and what was going on.

Ali G is the perfect parody of the white gangsters of England. Even now, and it seems to be growing a lot in the countryside rather than the inner cities, there are plenty of people you could see and easily compare to Ali G. The character was absolutely perfect but what I loved was, while his exterior and the way he spoke was very dumb and over the top and stereotypical, the thoughts and ideas he had actually made a lot of sense and could resonate with a lot of people who had to live with government cuts and losing things they care about.

That’s what I really enjoyed about this movie was the layers. Think The Inbetweeners, they’re hilarious sure but they’re also quite one note, Will is the smart one, Jay’s the pervert, Neil’s the dumb one. With Ali G the top level is very white gangster, cultural appropriation and slang that still makes my skin crawl. But when he’s in parliament (yes that is where this story goes) he does make some really good points and, while he comes across dumb and lower class, the way he thinks and wants things to work makes a lot of sense and if he had a different upbringing he’d fit in well with the posh lot of parliament and would probably have a lot more respect.

This movie is hilarious, smart, and while some parts haven’t aged too well it’s still an enjoyable experience that, if I saw it was on TV or whatever again, I would probably sit down and watch. While it took me a while to watch this movie, I was able to understand all the jokes and funny moments better then a younger version of me, so I’m glad I didn’t watch it sooner and ruin it based on my own ignorance.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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