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The American Barbecue Showdown Review

Despite now being 99% vegetarian (only eating meat if out for food and no non-meat options take my fancy) I find it odd how much I enjoy shows like this. But none the less, the veggie sides still took over as I constantly thought ‘oh those look tasty!’

The American Barbecue Showdown is another reality TV competition show where BBQ enthusiasts come together and compete to be the best while BBQ-ing a range of meat and sides that even includes road kill. Fun!

I really enjoyed this show as it was interesting to see what the competitors would come up with and what flavours they would bring together. If you gain anything from this show you will definitely find some new and interesting flavour combinations that could easily work really well….or really badly.

And I definitely think this is a show anyone could enjoy regardless of your food preferences. As I said I’m vegetarian and while the smoking of the mat didn’t interest me, seeing all the interesting sides and desserts that were being made certainly did. Some of the mac and cheese side dishes sounded incredible!

Now, of course this isn’t a show everyone will love and not one I imagine most people would choose to watch if they could pick it out of a line up but it is enjoyable and definitely one of those shows that you can switch your brain off while watching and just sit back and enjoy.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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