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Princess and the Frog Review

The one Disney movie I should’ve watched way before I did.

The Princess and the Frog is one of my favourite childhood novels and Disney made a great adaptation and put a good spin on it too. I’m actually surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie!

Let’s go through it shall we?

Tiana is such a wonderful character, her child version is so cute and she seems to have such a good heart and an amazing drive to do things in her life which is so good to see. Not only is she smart and very outspoken but she’s so gorgeous too and I loved her attitude and the way she really took charge in this movie and didn’t just let the men do all the hard work.

Now, Prince Naveen, I found him slightly annoying I will admit but that is supposed to be his character. What I hated with him was how quickly he decided he was in love with Tiana. This Disney movie while yes being animated with talking animals felt so real to me, so for him to fall so hard for her so quick really didn’t gel well with me watching this and in some ways I wish they toned that down a bit, although Tiana’s wedding dress was utterly stunning!

The bad guy of the movie, Dr Facilier, I won’t lie did creep me out quite a bit. And what he did to Ray was inexcusable and I never thought I’d get so emotional over a firefly. But his character was fantastic and I really loved how the spirit world was presented in this movie and how scary it actually was to watch.

This movie felt like a real situation to me, the world was so fleshed out with all the jazz music and the different areas we explored and the food! It was all so believable and enjoyable. I have to give a special mention to Charlotte as well because her character was insane and I loved every second of her, no matter how over the top she became!

This movie is definitely one I’d watch again and is definitely one I’d recommend too as it took me far too long to watch it and that’s not right. Definitely need to delve more into Disney movies I may have missed growing up.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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