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Emily in Paris Review

So I really didn’t want to watch this show but it was recommended to me by lots of different people so in the end I thought why not, and, to be honest I was pleasantly surprised.

Emily in Paris follows an American girl called Emily who moves to Paris (shock!) with her work but unfortunately cannot speak a word of French so of course this brings a lot of issues. But it seems the only language she really needed to speak was love.

And this is my first issue with the show. It was very sexual and I don’t see why. The characters of course are going to have their romances but practically every single guy that she came across was infatuated with her. It just made no sense to me, and I saw online that people were complaining about how it portrayed France and the French people and in some ways I have to agree because it was just too over the top.

But then if we look at the rest of the show that was all over the top too. From her even getting the job, to her Instagram followers, to her being invited to events, to her basically getting everything the way that she wanted it to be and it all coming together with a neat little bow at the end.

One thing that did annoy me slightly was the fact that at one point Emily is talking to people about how American romances are different to French romances because in French romances they are much more realistic, and so I thought maybe the show will end in such a way that makes it more like a French romance but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I do think if it had done this it could’ve been better and so much more clever but unfortunately it had to go with the American audience and have everything be perfectly perfect by the end.

Would I watch this series again? No, but then I do feel with the ending that we got it has been left open to a second season which I’ll be honest I would not be too excited for. It was a perfectly easy show to watch, it wasn’t that deep and it wasn’t that inspiring but it was perfectly fine for what it was, I just don’t think I would pick it up again any time soon.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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