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Little Italy Review

So I had seen some reviews talk about this movie and really criticise it for how terrible it was, so I went in completely blind and I won’t lie, those reviews were correct.

Little Italy follows two families who are at war with their pizza companies, but their grandparents and their children are falling in love – do not question that because if you do you end up in a big hole and it’s just not worth the time or effort.

No it’s not the fact that this is a Romeo and Juliet with pizza movie, it’s the fact that this movie is racist, sexist, and so incredibly cliche that makes it so incredibly hard to watch. One thing that really bothered me with this movie was how sexual it was and for no reason! Every two minutes people were making sexual jokes, the sort that you would find in terrible 90s stand-up shows and it was completely unnecessary and just came across really awkward to watch.

This movie also stole a lot of jokes from other places. Within the first five minutes it made an idiot sandwich joke that was coined by Gordon Ramsay and acted as if it was its own and just changed the words a little. And that really bugs me because if you cannot write your own jokes maybe you should not be writing a comedy.

Overall this movie is absolutely trash and I would never watch it again and I would never recommend it either. It wasn’t even so bad that it was good, it was just terrible writing, terrible performances, terrible jokes, terrible everything! And casting Hayden Christiansen as the male love interest/protagonist when he’s meant to be playing a 24 to 25-year-old and he’s actually 40 in real life was just weird. Your girlfriend’s own dad, in the movie, looks a lot younger than you so it just made no sense to me. I could go on but really I do not want to give any more time to this movie.

Watch it if you’re into the whole sort of Clockwork Orange holding your eyes open and putting drops in them thing, but if you want to not have this take up precious space in your brain then don’t watch it because it is absolutely horrific.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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