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The Crown Season 2 Review

I won’t lie, I really enjoyed the first season of The Crown because I thought it gave me so much insight into British history and things I never knew before, but this season just fell a bit flat.

In this season we follow the Queen and Philip and all of her family and look more at the actual family dynamic within them. In the first season there was so much going on with the coronation and with Churchill that this season just felt like it was quite filler. A lot of the stuff was stuff that didn’t really affect me or my life (in terms of living in England) and was more just an insight into how these people work.

For example the first few episodes were focused on Elizabeth and Phillip’s relationship and how it isn’t all rainbows and smiles. It did include, which was quite fascinating, how the Queen had to tell him that they cannot get divorced and so they just had to tough it out and keep going. It was so interesting to watch that because of how backwards it seemed and now when you look at the history of the royal family and people like Prince Charles, they have divorced and remarried people and have been able to marry people who have already been married previously. Yet at this time for the Queen to get divorced it would’ve been seen as one of the most horrific things to ever happen and, let’s be honest, it probably would still be seen like that even now.

I did enjoy the season of course, I wouldn’t of sat through and watched it all if I didn’t. But I definitely think it didn’t hold a candle to the first season. It was a lot slower and not as much seemed to happen, at least in my opinion. While the first was quite glitzy and exciting this one felt much more slow and sombre and just didn’t have the same excitement that the first season gave me.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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