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Criminal: U.K. Jay Review

The final episode of season one and I won’t lie, this one felt the most fantasised.

Jay is in the interrogation room as it is thought that his lorry he bought into the UK had immigrants in them and the police are trying to track down the abandoned lorry before it’s too late. Now this story seems simple enough, it has a time limit on it which adds to the suspense and excitement and each second that passes gets you more and more intrigued to see what will happen.

But then the story line comes in that one of the interrogators is drinking on the job. And instead of halting the interview, which of course would be bad for the people in the lorry, or reprimanding this man, they allow him to continue. And somehow him being open about his drinking problem and how he got away with it and how he doesn’t care about his job anymore but only the people in the lorry, this helps Jay open up about the truth of where the lorry is.

I feel in terms of idea for this episode it could’ve been really strong but actually in execution it didn’t have that same panic that I would’ve expected from an episode like this. I feel the officers’ issues were too prominent and overshadowed the interrogation which is the main reason I watch the show. Same for the small story line they add in about the possible romance blossoming between two of them, I do not care! It adds nothing to the excitement of the crime and figuring out what happened and honestly I could really do without it.

While I am really enjoying this show this definitely wasn’t a good last episode. It fell flat for me and I much preferred the first two (Edgar and Stacey) as I felt there was more depth with those stories and the crimes interested me a lot more.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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