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The Ugly Truth Review

I’m a bit late to the party watching this movie but even watching it now as a 25-year-old I found it quite stereotypical, quite low brow, and honestly I’m not a big fan of rom-coms anyway but this is definitely low on my list of ones I’ve enjoyed.

The Ugly Truth follows a TV News company that is looking for a new segment and finds a man who does a show called the ugly truth. The ugly truth is his opinion about women and relationships and how women shouldn’t have such high expectations for men because really men only care about boobs and sex and drink and that’s it. But this all changes when he meets his new producer and somehow they start a romantic relationship.

But this is the thing that I didn’t like about this movie. The reason that he starts a relationship with her is because she wants to start a romantic relationship with her hot neighbour, but this hot neighbour doesn’t seem to be like the typical man. So, for context, the ugly truth presenter is telling her all these things about not being too eager and playing the field and joking about and stuff and this hunk of a neighbour isn’t responding in the way that is expected because he is not a stereotype, he is his own person with complex emotions that in some ways I see as a bit of a bad character. Part of the reason she ends up with the guy she does is because her neighbour doesn’t know her very well and she’s not herself around him but that does not mean she should settle for the next best thing!

The ugly truth presenter is such a horrible man and sure he can change, but really when it comes down to it his philosophy on relationships and bits like that are so twisted and so wrong that I’m amazed even he would be happy to settle down. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this movie ended as if it was real life and carried on he had gone off to some hot country and got with a bunch of random women there because, as he says, all men think with their junk so why wouldn’t he?

Overall I would not watch this movie again. If you like rom-coms you’re probably going to enjoy it but for me it was just too low brow, too simple, very stereotypical, and I just didn’t enjoy it. Maybe I hold my movies to too high of an expectation but when there are so many good rom-coms out there that I really enjoy and can fully immerse myself in, why would I waste my time with a movie that doesn’t give me that same enjoyment?

What do you think?

Until next time.

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