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Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Review

I was quite intrigued to watch this movie when I saw it on Netflix but unfortunately it just couldn’t hold my attention.

So the premise of this movie is a group of teenagers go into the woods and are separated from any sort of technology because it says that they spend too much time on their phones and on social media. But then they stumble across people who have a much more sinister agenda than just keeping them off their phones.

But I won’t lie, I love horror movies but this just seemed far too cliche and just overdone. It reminded me of The Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes and it just did not excite me at all. Unfortunately while this movie was about spending less time on your phone I actually spent more time on my phone.

Would I give this movie another go? Probably not. If I’m going to be completely honest it would be because it seemed so slow, not much really happened, and the scares just weren’t there for me. Like I said, it just seems to be a concept that has been done previously and done better.

It’s a shame really as I was really excited to watch this movie but of course not everything can be as good as the hype that is spread about it.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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