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Holidate Review

Ah the time of terrible Christmas Netflix movies has arrived.

Holidate follows a girl and a guy who, especially for the girl, are constantly pressured to get into a relationship especially for the holidays. So they decide to be each others dates for the holidays, for a whole year every holiday that comes up including Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas etc. they must spend together.

But of course this doesn’t come without its complications and in traditional silly romcom terrible Christmas movie fashion they end up getting together, spoiler, but you should’ve seen it coming.

Now my biggest issue with Netflix movies and I have noticed this over a few now and I just don’t understand it, is they make the film really sexual and for what seems no reason. I believe it’s because they know it’s a cheap joke and they will easily get laughs from it, but it just makes the whole thing seem so much more trashy and cheap and if it wasn’t so sexual it would probably be a lot better.

This movie also starred a Vine star, a guy who became famous on the video app Vine and, maybe this is me being opinionated and wrong, but I feel when these sort of stars are included in these movies it just cheapens the whole thing. Great, you’re trying to make a career ub acting but I find it very hard to disassociate these sorts of people from their Vine work.

Overall if you enjoy silly Christmas movies that are very easy to watch and you can just shut your brain off and not think then this will be a great movie for you. I’m sure there will be plenty more coming from Netflix so if you want to give this movie a go, give it a go, but do understand that it is the same cliche as all other Christmas movies, it’s very simple and so don’t expect too much.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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