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From our Family to Yours Review

The first Christmas advert I’ve watched this year and the first one to make me cry.

Disney have put together a gorgeous short little advert/film, of a girl and her grandma and how important family is at Christmas and how even the smallest traditions can mean so much.

Now of course we can’t ignore the fact that this is a Disney advert and they are clearly selling Disney merchandise to us but the way that they’ve gone about it in this advert doesn’t feel too heavy or too obvious and I think that’s going to be a big thing for Christmas this year especially with how 2020 has been. It’s more about the people you spend it with than the things that you get.

It was a gorgeous little story about tradition and family values and how things can change and life can move on but how sometimes we should just take a step back and realise what’s most important in our lives, who is most important, and let everything else kind of melt away.

I really enjoyed this advert and it has definitely set the bar for Christmas adverts this year with its simple storytelling but beautiful visuals and just a story that can touch many hearts young and old. It’s definitely one that I’ve enjoyed and will probably make me shed a few more tears during the Christmas period.

You you can watch the advert here.

Until next time.

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