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His House Review

The horror of this movie was terrifying but that wasn’t the scariest part about it.

His House follows a young couple who are seeking asylum in England after fleeing their country, but along the way they lose a young girl whose present still haunts them in England and causes a rift between them settling down in their new home and still holding onto the terrors of the past.

This movie was an insightful look into how immigrants are treated and feel when they have to live with such horrors of their past and the tragedy that they have to leave their friends and their family behind too. It’s a very powerful movie with a lot of layers to it, not just about how the English perceive immigrants, but also how they can find it so hard to integrate themselves just because they do feel ostracised and have seen things that no one else could ever even begin to fathom.

Can you imagine having to leave your home, your work, your family, your everything and start a new life in a country that you’ve never been to? You see people that judge you just for who you are and even they don’t understand the trauma that you’ve been through to get there. They just see you as someone who is taking their job and claiming benefits. It’s quite an interesting look into the English system and how we should try to be more forgiving and help these people in the time of their need.

But then this movie threw a very dark twist at me, a twist I did not see coming as I thought this movie was dark enough and this just added so much more to the whole story and it really changed the way that I looked at the young couple. It was still a tragic story but you have to see it from their perspective, how in desperation they had to do what they had to do to survive, plus almost having to forgive them for what they did even if you yourself believe it to be wrong.

Yes this movie is a horror and it has lots of jump scares and horror elements that we see in standard western horror movies but there is so much more to it and I do feel that the horror of what they went through and what they are going through in their new lives is almost scarier than the horrors of the jump scares. I do feel that maybe they could’ve toned down the jumps cares a bit and used in a different way to really show the couples desperation and the hurt that they’re feeling.

This is definitely one of my favourite movies of 2020 because it’s so thought-provoking and really makes you think about what you would do in their shoes and whether you would even make it out alive. It’s a terrifying story and it’s made all the more terrifying when you imagine that people probably are going through exactly what they did, and people in their new country just completely ostracise them because they don’t want them there. But what are they meant to do when their home land is being bombed and terrorised, would you want to stay?

This is one movie I really recommend, not just if you’re a horror fan but also if you’re just a fan of social commentary and want to try something new. It’s so thought-provoking and definitely one of my favourites.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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