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Coca-Cola Christmas Advert 2020

So I won’t lie for most of this advert I understood the underlying message but not the actual point of it until the very last moment where I just burst into tears.

The main story line we see is a father go away to work in the ocean but before he leaves his daughter gives him a letter to give to Santa for Christmas, so when he sees in the ocean a mail carrier boat he goes after them to get this letter to Santa for his little girl, only to be stranded in the middle of the ocean and have to make it all the way to the North Pole himself.

Let’s just talk about that moment for a minute because I didn’t like this part. I thought it was a bit stupid, why would he put his own life at risk just to get a letter to Santa? Couldn’t he have given it to someone before he went out to sea and put it in the mailbox? It just seemed a bit weird to me. I understand the point of it was a father making sure his daughter gets her letter to Santa because that’s all she cares about right now but it was hard to suspend my disbelief at this moment.

Carrying on, the father becomes stuck at sea yet he still tries to get the letter to the North Pole. But when he gets there it’s already Christmas and unfortunately Santa’s grotto is closed, but that’s where coca-cola comes in and they come along in their usual van and take him home. This is where we find out what was in the letter, the one thing that the daughter really wanted for Christmas and even writing it now it’s making me well up again. It really showed you what matters at Christmas, especially for this year.

I won’t spoil it because it is a gorgeous ending but I don’t really see what has to do with Coke. But then I guess you could say that for a lot of other adverts too. This advert is giving you a memorable Christmas advert and I guess you could say Coke were the ones that brought him home but that’s about it. It was interesting and definitely one that has touched me although I do miss the ‘holidays are coming’ song from the usual advert.

But tell me what you think and watch it here. Did you find it as sweet and heartwarming as I did or are you more of a Scrooge of Christmas adverts? Let me know.

Until next time.

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