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The Crown Season 4 Review

Well this was a whirlwind of a season wasn’t it?

The Crown season four seems to have everything packed into those 10 little episodes and so for this review I’m going to separate them out into sections and look at them individually because, while I think it was a brilliant season and the season that I have been looking forward to the most, I felt that a lot of it was quite hard to keep up with because so much was going on.

So let’s talk firstly about Thatcher. From outside sources as I was not born when Thatcher was in power I always knew her as this cold, calculated woman who ruined the lives of millions of people and it seems to ring true on the show too. I did enjoy how no one seemed to like her or enjoy her company but in a way she also seemed to just be a headstrong woman who wanted to make her mark and she certainly did that but definitely not in the best way.

One episode that really struck me with the Thatcher storyline was the one where the man snuck into the Queen’s bedroom and how he just wanted to speak to her about the regime because his children had been taken away from him, the council weren’t helping him, his MP didn’t want to help either, and so his only way was to go to the very top. Hearing from a person who is just a normal every day man talk about the regime and what its done to him and millions of other people in England was really fascinating to me and definitely shone a greater light on how she was rather than just showing her is this headstrong woman who had lots of enemies.

The second storyline is of course Diana and Charles. Now my main issue with this show in regards to the storyline is Charles looks too young and Diana, in a way, looks too old. She was only 19 when she got married and I imagine being thrust into this world of publicity and fame while also knowing behind closed doors that your husband does not want you and is only using you to gain an heir for his family, who again don’t seem to like you either must’ve been horrific.

I found this storyline very interesting and it showed a lot of light into who the royal family are and how they are so disconnected as a family from more traditional families in England. They also come across so cold and uncaring, and for Diana who seems to be quite a caring, shy, young thing that needs love and affection, not getting it can only cause a lot of emotional turmoil. Plus the fact that her husband is giving the love and attention she needs to a different woman with whom he’s had an affair with for the whole relationship is just insane.

I definitely think this showed Charles in a very bad light and so it should. It’s not fair that he could not marry the woman of his dreams but at the same time you should not then go on to marry another woman and resent her just because of what your family has told you to do. It’s just a disgusting way of doing things and looking at this I still believe that Diana deserved so much better and the amount of weird and cold ways the royal family go about doing things is just wrong.

And that brings me onto my final point and an episode that touched me quite a lot that was about the family members who were in a mental asylum just because they cast doubt on the families bloodline being as pure as it can be. Because, of course if your family even has one person with birth defects or any sort of disability your whole family has to be pulled into question! It’s just so cold and so horrible, those poor women did not deserve the life that they were given just because they were slightly different, they deserved so much better.

And to think one of them only passed away in 2014! Only six years before this season aired is crazy to me because no one knew about her and she was just pushed to the side, presumed dead because she had something that they saw is wrong with her. It’s disgusting, it’s callous, and it’s really made me question what I really think about the royal family and whether they are as grand and as wonderful as they claim themselves to be.

This was a fascinating season. One of the best but I do think it was quite hard to keep up with. So much going on and in some ways I wish areas had been delved into deeper, but I guess in this era of the royal family there was a lot going on and it happened very quickly that it needed to be quite full on. I am intrigued to see what season five has to bring and how they deal with things like Diana’s death because it’s still so fresh in people‘s minds and hearts that people still go on about it and I want to make sure it has the oomph and the emotion it deserves.

What did you think of season four?

Until next time.

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