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Sainsbury’s Christmas 2020 Review

This advert was in three parts so I’m going to do three mini reviews within this review. But my first point has to be that I cannot believe how much controversy these adverts created and how disgusting English people can be.

The first part shows a daughter calling up her dad and talking about Christmas. while we see lovely home movies of them at past Christmases and how they just hope they can spend Christmas together again. I thought this was beautiful to watch because Christmas is all about the people you spend it with and about the food and the fun and so this really encapsulated Christmas and what it means to me.

Part two follows a different family who are having one less person at their Christmas who is the father of the family, and they’re able to make jokes and make light of the situation but I especially feel after the year we’ve had so many families are going to be missing someone at their Christmas table whether it’s due to isolation or due to them moving on so I think this advert is very poignant. It’s very sweet and honest and it’s nice that it shows people that they can talk about the people that they can’t spend Christmas with in a happy, light-hearted way and that there is still some joy in having had them in their lives regardless of where they are now.

Part three follows two brothers who are reminiscing about the turkey sandwiches their grandma used to make when they were young. It’s very sweet and I think we’ve all been there we reminisced of old times and wish we could have them again and so I feel this advert is very true to a lot of people watching it and it just feels nice to feel like we’re not so different after all and really Christmas means the same thing to many people.

And this is where I want to get to the backlash. So the first advert which I didn’t mention because I didn’t see it as important starred a non-white family and lots of people complained about this advert with disgust about how most of the UK is white and that they felt they weren’t represented. But honestly who cares?

Who cares?

This is such a stupid argument and especially after the year we’ve had we should be coming together and celebrating the fact that we’ve just got through another year and we are still here. Why should people‘s race matter in a Christmas advert? It’s Christmas, everyone can celebrate Christmas regardless of whatever so who cares?

This is the side of the Internet I absolutely despise. I think it’s disgusting that people think they can be so bigoted and so racist online and not expect a backlash from it. Just because you don’t see yourself represented in one out of these three adverts, yes, the two other adverts starred white people, do these people think they have a right to complain? You do not have the right to complain. You are wrong, you are disgusting and I despise the fact that you have a platform where you think you can be bigoted and disgusting on.

I really enjoyed these adverts. I thought they really encapsulated what Christmas means and the element of 2020 and coronavirus was done really subtly but really well. It made me think about my own family and who is going to be at Christmas this year and who isn’t and how important it is to let the people that I see at Christmas know that they are loved and valued and that I am so grateful to be able to spend the day with them.

Don’t listen to what idiots have to say online, watch these adverts yourself and let me know what you think because I think it’s horrible how people can be so racist and so harmful to others in this day and age. It’s not right, it should be allowed and most importantly it shouldn’t be able to be so widespread on social media and this is just one of the reasons why I wish in some ways social media was gone for good.

Watch part one here.

Watch part two here.

Watch part three here.

Until next time.

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