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Reindeer Ready Review

How did a McDonald’s advert make me well up?

McDonald’s have gone down the reindeer route the last few years now, but I feel this is probably the best of advert they’ve done under that premise. The song choice was brilliant talking about being forever young and showing a young lad who we can assume is in his teenage years now battling between wanting to be more adult versus his inner child. This was quite sweet to watch because I know we’ve all been in that situation before.

It was a lovely little advert that made you realise that at Christmas you should be having fun. You shouldn’t be stressing, you should be excited to be spending time with your family and friends and you should be relishing in the fact that you’ve all made it to another Christmas and you’re there together. So I think this advert really shows that well and working in the bits about your inner child and how much excitement you had when you were a child at Christmas reminds you to bring that excitement back this year just to really enjoy the time you have.

I enjoyed this advert a lot. It was very well done and very smart and while I don’t go to McDonald’s too often at the moment trying to be my healthy self it definitely made me want some McDonald’s chips, I won’t deny it.

I really like this advert, it is definitely one of the higher up adverts on my list. It’s very smart, very clever and while it is still quite heavy on the marketing of ‘eat at McDonald’s’ it still was able to touch you in a way that didn’t make McDonald’s the main storyline.

But watch it here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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