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Trial 4 Review

As more and more of these documentaries come out the less you can trust law enforcement.

Trial 4 follow Sean Ellis, a young man who was convicted in the 90s of murdering a white police officer although there was no true evidence on the crime scene to place Sean there, and the witnesses that came forward were not the most innocent. He was still convicted and only in the late 2010s did he finally get a retrial and his convictions overturned.

It’s documentaries like this and the Central Park Five that really make you question who is in law-enforcement and how much you can really trust them. This was a man who was just like any other, he was just a young American trying to live his life and one day that was cruelly taken away from him because these police men wanted to pin the murder of one of their own on a young black man and it’s just so unfair.

It’s not just the fact that this man’s life was taken away from him and he could’ve easily been jailed right up until his death day, it’s more the fact that the actual killer is still out there and there was evidence that pointed towards a different person, yet this evidence was never explored because that person who could’ve possibly done it was another police officer.

It’s all corruption and it’s all disgusting and I hate how they want to protect their own rather than find the true killer and even now some of them still believe it is him even though it has been shown legally that it wasn’t. It’s disgusting how they think they can play a game because they’re in the law and they have these powers, it’s completely unjust and while I’m glad that Sean has finally got his freedom it’s so frustrating that so much of his life had to be spent behind bars all because he was a young black man.

This is one documentary I really urge you to watch because it sheds so much light on how corrupt law enforcement can be and how we need to stand up for these injustices and not allow it to happen. It’s not fair to the people it happens to but also to the victim’s family and friends who think that they can finally lay this person to rest when really the killer is still out there and is not getting the justice that they deserve.

What do you think of Trial 4?

Until next time.

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