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Big on a Christmas You Can Believe in Review

Okay I wasn’t expecting this from this advert but I found it really funny.

So the advert starts off as if it’s the Disney advert all over again with a lovely little tune and animation and a cute story. But then Lidl say no, you don’t want that, and they make it all about their food and what they offer instead and it’s a great parody.

Now we all know the love I have for Kevin the Carrot so seeing them stick a fork into a carrot with a slight face on it did make me feel a bit sad but I did really appreciate the joke. It was very clever and definitely piqued my interest at what Lidl do for Christmas and what they do have on offer especially as they are very good value for money.

I say based on this advert if I was going to shop somewhere for a cheaper Christmas Lidl would be quite high on my list. It was funny, charming, and just added a little bit of happiness into what could otherwise be described as dreary year.

Let me know what you think by watching the advert here.

Until next time.

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