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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Review

I won’t lie, I can definitely see this movie becoming a Christmas classic.

I always find Christmas movies a bit hit and miss but this one really blew me away, not only because of the great storyline but the music within it and the animations too. It just all came together so wonderfully and was a great film to watch regardless of your age.

The story follows an inventor who creates a revolutionary toy that is stolen by his apprentice which causes this inventor to lose everything. It’s only a few decades later when his granddaughter comes to visit does he get that spark to invent again and is able to reignite his old love plus finally getting justice for what happened to him all those years before.

As I said earlier this movie had a great story to it, it was about family and hope and believing in yourself and your abilities and always pushing for the next thing and never giving up, but it was also gorgeous to watch. It was set in a time that was very pretty with a beautiful costume design and the book that the story was read from with all its mechanical 3-D animation elements was just so well done and so pleasing to the eye.

Now this movie is a musical but what I have to say about that aspect is it felt very cool, very fresh, very modern and that made it easy to watch and actually enjoy the songs. It definitely felt like a strong Christmas film, one that I would happily watch for many Christmases to come and would be happy to sit down with the family and watch too. It was just one of those movies that makes you feel all warm and happy inside and really entertains me.

If you’re not sure on whether to watch this film or not I definitely recommend it. I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas movies, especially Netflix movies, and so to find a good Netflix Christmas movie is like finding a diamond in the rough. It’s absolutely incredible, I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend you watch it whether you like musicals or not.

What do you think?

Until next time.


  1. I’m not one into Christmas movies but I’d watch this, my small brother was watching this a few days ago and he really seemed into it

    Peshy xx


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