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A Sausage CaRoll Review

I know this might be the most annoying Christmas advert that will come this year but I won’t lie I think it works for me because I really want some sausage roll crisps now.

Walkers have teamed up with The Trussell Trust which is all about stopping hunger in the UK, and they have bought a new flavour crisps which is sausage roll flavour if you didn’t guess, but the interesting thing about these is they are vegan so they are suitable for all.

What do sausage rolls have to do with Christmas I hear you cry. I don’t really know either but I am intrigued and the fact that they’ve bought a charity into it I really like because it’s not just about them anymore but it’s about charity too.

In 2020 life has been a bit weird and obviously with a lot of people on furlough or losing their jobs of course money is a big concern for people, so to see big companies like this team up with charities and giving money to them based off this new flavour that you know everyone will want to grab off the shelves is a really good thing in my opinion.

The advert however, is it a good Christmas advert? I mean it has all the usual UK tropes of being insufferably annoying while also kind of sweet and strange all at the same time. It definitely made me want to eat some crisps, is that a Christmas thing? No but the marketing works for me and I definitely think I’ll pop out and get myself some sausage roll crisps next next time I go shopping.

So if you want to hear a remix of your favourite Christmas carols that now includes sausage rolls (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say) I do recommend you watch the advert here and let me know what you think too.

Until next time.

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