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Dr Seuss’ The Grinch Review

This movie didn’t hold a candle to the Jim Carrey version.

We all know the story of The Grinch but this time it’s animated and I feel that’s where the issues first begin. In the live action version you could really tell what the characters of Whoville were and their characteristics and how they were different to normal humans, but in this they just look like the same CGI Play-Doh animated people we see in all Illumination animations.

I know it was a big issue for me as I felt a lot of the character was lost. They just didn’t interest me as much as the live action version, there was just not as much going for it and it was a real shame. I feel if this was the first time you heard of the Grinch maybe you could really enjoy it but because I have seen other movies etc. this one just didn’t compare.

I definitely feel this movie is for the younger children. The ones who just want silly jokes and bright colours and it’s not really for any older kids or even teenagers or adults. Whereas the Jim Carrey Grinch has a lot of jokes that the adults can enjoy too and so it’s much more of a family movie whereas this is literally a kids movie and young kids at that.

I personally wouldn’t watch this movie again. It was just too underwhelming for me and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m glad I watched it because it was only an hour and a half long but if it was any longer I would’ve definitely wished for my time back.

What do you think of The Grinch?

Until next time.

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