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Aldi Christmas Advert 2020 Review

I love whenever I see Kevin the carrot on my TV, he holds such a special spot in my heart.

This year Kevin the carrot his somehow got lost and needs to hurry home to be able to spend Christmas with his family and with the help of a hedgehog and unsurprisingly Santa his dream can come true.

This was such a cute advert and I do find it mad how connected and how much love I feel for a carrot but I can’t deny it, Kevin is such a little sweetheart and I absolutely love seeing his advert come around every year.

This advert included a nod to the NHS and all key workers saying thank you to them for what they’ve done. I do wonder if this could be something deeper as I said in my Walkers review, they are giving some money to charity to fight hunger in the UK and so if Aldi were able to give some money to the NHS or key workers or charities like that then I think this advert would just be perfect.

But even so it’s still a heartwarming advert that makes you think about how exciting it will be if we can spend Christmas with our loved ones, with our family, and try and keep it as normal as we can because no one wants to spend Christmas alone.

This was a brilliant advert. I think Aldi knock it out the park every year and if you want to see it too you can watch it here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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