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Great British Bake Off 2020 Review

I feel this was the happiest part of 2020 which really says something about the year.

Bake Off this year provided a happy vacation from how dire 2020 has been and it was very welcome. The contestants were as usual all absolutely lovely and just watching the bakers every single week just seem to give you so much serotonin that has definitely been missed.

I especially enjoyed this year how they tried different bakes I hadn’t really seen in the Bake Off before. For the first week when they had the celebrity round where they had to make famous people into cakes was just hilarious and then seeing the jelly cakes was incredible! I still don’t know how they managed to do that and I would love to learn it.

And that’s one thing that I’ve taken from Bake Off this year is I want to get into baking too. This year has been a year of hobbies for me, of picking up things that I used to love but didn’t have time for or picking up new things and Bake Off this year really gave me that inspiration to start baking and having done a couple of bakes so far it’s been so enjoyable.

I think that’s the big thing we can take from away from Bake Off is enjoying what you’re doing and doing it because you love it. All of the bakers was so talented and had such uniqueness about them and they really just showed how important enjoying yourself and enjoying the time you spend with other people is, even if it’s in your bubbles, because we might not get that time back again.

Also having the youngest winner win this year was incredible. He thoroughly deserved it and I think it just gives you that hope that even though you’re young you can still achieve such incredible things. You don’t need 50 years of experience to be able to be good at something and you shouldn’t allow your age or your experience to stifle your skills, you should believe in yourself and believe in what you can do and go and do it.

For me this year‘s Bake Off has such a deeper meaning to it than previous years and it was an absolutely incredible series. I won’t lie the final episode have me bawling my eyes out because it was so wonderful.

What do you think of Bake Off 2020?

Until next time.

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