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The Show Must Go On Review

This was the first advert I saw that really pushed the Covid storyline and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The tale of this advert is a young woman who is given the lead role in her Christmas ballet but because of coronavirus it has to be cancelled. But her community, friends, and family do not allow this to happen and she gets centre stage outside while people watch from their homes as she gets to perform the ballet that she thought she never would.

It’s a lovely story and it really brings together that community feel that you get around Christmas. How everyone seems to come together to bring joy and happiness to one another, but at the same time seeing Covid and the lockdown and everything shown so candidly on screen just felt a bit weird.

I feel this year all we’ve had on our screens every single day is about coronavirus and I’ve really enjoyed the adverts that have pulled away from that, that have maybe had a hint to what’s been going on like Aldi’s advert but haven’t made it so obvious and it almost skews that moment of escapism from the grim reality that we are all living in.

While I don’t agree with Amazon and the way they work, this advert was a good one, but I do feel that for me at least when I think of Christmas I want to think of happy things. I don’t want to think about the state of the world right now, I want to think about the fact that I could possibly spend Christmas with my family and people that I haven’t seen very much this year. I want to have hope and I want to have joy over Christmas and I don’t want to be reminded of the bleak reality, so while this advert was good it’s definitely lower on my list.

But let me know what you think you can watch it here.

Until next time.

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