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Argos Christmas Advert 2020

Now this was a very cute advert and the first that I saw that really pushed its ‘buy from us’ messaging down our throats.

In this advert we see two young girls buy a magic set from Argos and they put on a show that slowly gets bigger and bigger until they’ve got a whole audience of people in their living room. Of course the gifts get bigger and bigger as well and while that’s adorable because it’s all about childhood imagination and spending time with your family again it was also quite on the nose with all the products that you could buy from Argos.

From smart watches to drones to chandeliers you could tell the point of this advert was shop with us, buy from us, look at what you could get. So while it was wrapped up in a neat little bow I thought it was quite on the nose with its actual point of the whole thing which was to make money.

I’m not saying this is the worst advert because it’s definitely not, but it was definitely more on the nose with its marketing and while I did enjoy it that niggle was always in the back of my head thinking okay so you just want me to buy.

While Argos and the catalogues were a big part of my childhood I definitely see Christmas as a time for more than just material items especially after the year we’ve had, so watch the advert here and let me know what you think. But for me it was a bit too ‘buy, buy, buy’ and not enough ‘it’s Christmas 2020 and here’s how it’s going to be different because of the year we had’.

Until next time.

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