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LEGO Christmas Advert 2020 Review

Okay, I really enjoyed this advert.

So with Lego the whole point of it is you can build whatever you want and so it was really interesting watching this advert and just seeing the possibilities. It starts off quite simple with a dad building a normal tree when his son builds a hot dog tree and then it just gets madder and madder until there’s even a joke about meteorites and dinosaurs and I just loved it.

I loved how it made childhood imagination and wonderment such a strong part of this advert and also had some really good messages in it that weren’t too obvious and so can easily slip under the radar. Including the princess being her own knight and the two astronauts getting married and the fact you don’t know their gender. It’s little things like that, that I think Lego do so well because they do seem so inclusive.

I feel this is the sort of wonderment and joy that you need at Christmas time and it really does bring you back to your childhood of playing with Legos and just being able to do whatever you wanted to do. I think sometimes you can get stuck in a box of how things should be and Lego lets you break out of that box and just do what you want instead of what you’re being told to do.

I really enjoyed this advert and I think Lego are just a wonderful brand and a wonderful company that are so smart with what they do and I hope to see this advert a lot more over the festive period. So watch it here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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