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The App That Stole Christmas Review

I was very intrigued to watch this movie and I won’t lie, I watched it, and I hated every minute.

Isn’t this such a great idea for a movie? It’s the 21st-century where businesses like Amazon are taking over the materialistic side of the human race where Christmas and birthdays and other big events are becoming more about the presents than the people and the actual event itself. So to have a movie that’s all about that and how an app has ruined the Christmas spirit sounds incredible! It’s just a shame that they got the worst actors in the world to be in it and the storyline was just so in your face and annoying.

In this movie we follow a man who has created a basically knock off Amazon app where you can get anything you want all from one place. We see straight from the get go that everyone is on their phones all the time, on this app, and families are no longer coming together, people aren’t having dinner together anymore and it’s just becoming a world where people are obsessed with their phones and not about the people around them. So when the CEO accidentally hits his head and goes into an alternate world does he actually realise what his app has done.

It’s a great premise for a movie but from the start you could tell the actors couldn’t act. They were at 11 the whole time and it was just so boring to watch and the dialogue that these actors were given was so on the nose that there was no subtlety to the story at all. It was very obvious this was about capitalism and how Christmas is no longer about the religious side or the family side but more about the presents and being able to buy everything from your phone. That’s what I hated most about it, referencing the actors and the trashy script, because it could’ve been so good and yet it was so bad.

I don’t get how this movie could’ve been done so badly but it was it was absolutely horrific to watch and I do not recommend it even on my worst enemy. It’s such a waste of your time and I think most people know that Christmas is more about the people than the presents especially after the year we’ve had so why do we need it shoved down our throats by a very mediocre movie?

This movie is absolutely terrible so please take it off any Christmas list you’ve added it to because it is not worth your time at all. I would never recommend it as it’s just horrible. There are hundreds of good Christmas movies out there, if you want a new one try Jingle Jangle but do not try this because you will regret it.

If you have watched it tell me what you think. Maybe I’m being too harsh on it but as we have seen in 2020, time is precious and I’d much rather spend my time watching something that’s actually good rather than something that seems to be written as if it’s your first year university project that only just scraped a pass.

Until next time.

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