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Christmas is this Very Moment Review

This was definitely an advert for the adults and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So this Very advert wanted to almost take the mick out of the traditional perfect Christmas adverts by showing you what really matters at Christmas and that is all the little things including everything that goes wrong, everything that goes right, and just making the most of the people around you and giving gifts that show those people how much they mean to you.

So unlike the Argos advert which I felt was quite on the nose with ‘buy this, buy that’ this advert felt much more like you could take your time with what you found and you could find the perfect thing on Very’s website which I’ve never shopped with but did spark my interest a little.

I did really enjoy this advert because a lot of the times Christmas adverts are either a bit crude or very family friendly whereas this one, the jokes you’d only get if you were an adult and you had gone through Christmas a few times as an adult and so I think that’s the magic of this one. It’s bringing forward something that isn’t usually spoke about in Christmas adverts and is something a lot of people can resonate with.

This was a different advert that I didn’t expect and I did enjoy it for its differences. So watch it here and let me know what you think but I definitely think it will be one that’s higher up on my top Christmas adverts of the year.

Until next time.

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