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Just Another Christmas Review

This movie was an emotional rollercoaster and probably one of the most touching Christmas movies to come from 2020.

Seeing this movie I assumed it would be like Groundhog Day or Happy Death Day but instead the main character experiences Christmas and only Christmas. The other 364 days of the year are a complete blur to him as he only remembers Christmas Day.

Over the years we see this man whose birthday is also on Christmas Day make a lot of bad choices in his life and over time he finally realises what’s really important and who is really important in his life and how we should treasure the people we have around you and not wish away a day that maybe we don’t enjoy.

Because, in this movie, having his birthday on Christmas means his birthday is always overshadowed and having in-laws and family come round that he doesn’t like or who annoy him ruin the day overall. Thanks to these negatives he easily forgets the positives including having his children and wife with him, something that sadly he loses throughout the years.

It’s a really interesting movie with a lot of funny moments but also a lot of sad moments too. It really makes you realise how short life is and how quick the years go by and how you wish sometimes you could just stop and live in the moment, and so, when we have days where we are with people that we don’t see often or celebrate things that we don’t often celebrate we should really make the most of it and tell those people that they are loved and that you cherish them because you never know when you’ll last see them.

I really enjoyed this movie. Although it did send me through a turmoil of emotions and I’m still crying over it now! I would recommend watching it but be prepared that while it is funny and has a lot of good moments it does have a few sad moments too that definitely hit you hard especially as you become so invested in the family and the characters.

What do you think of Just Another Christmas?

Until next time.

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