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Morrison’s Making Christmas Special Review

Now this was a very short advert but I quite liked the feeling it gave me of coming together at Christmas.

Unlike the Asda advert that was much more about the food side of Christmas this was much more about the people side and how the people in your life make Christmas special. Even the delivery drivers who bring you your food have a part in making your Christmas good. I think it was quite nice to see a food advert from the other side.

It wasn’t just all ‘we can still deliver you your food for Christmas’ it was more ‘hey, we’ve been able to deliver this food so you can have this wonderful Christmas with your family your friends, whoever you decide to spend it with’ and that’s the real point of Christmas; coming together. It was quite sweet really and although it didn’t change my opinion on Morrison’s which isn’t a bad opinion I just don’t shop there, I still enjoyed it and it was quick, it was simple and just a very relaxed advert.

I quite liked how it showed different peoples’ Christmases as well. I did just mention but you can spend it with your family or your friends or whoever and so to have that shown to me was quite nice. Some people don’t have a good relationship with their family and so they spend Christmas with their friends instead and it’s nice to see that included because otherwise you can feel a bit ostracised.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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