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Christmas Crossfire Review

I audibly gasped at the climax of this movie so you can tell it’s a good one.

Christmas Crossfire follows a couple who only met a few hours earlier in a bar going back to her hometown for her fathers birthday, yet getting accidentally involved with a mafia type group who turn out to be firemen in the town they’re heading to, a twist I did not see coming. From this they go on a wild chase that involves lots of murder, lots of intrigue and surprisingly enough, a lot of toxic masculinity that the movie loves to speak about.

Talking about that for a little bit I find it really interesting. So the premise behind the bad guys was one of the henchmen of the main guy was sleeping with his wife and of course the main guy was not happy about this so decided he was going to kill him. The main character, the man of the couple, even says in the movie why can’t you just talk it out and work it out that way? Why do you always have to resort to violence? And it’s a very good question and as the movie progresses it just gets more interesting and I really enjoyed that aspect of it all.

This isn’t the most Christmassy of movies as the only plot point that was Christmas was that it was set around Christmas. Everything else could’ve happened at any time of the year and it was just quite funny seeing the killer at the end running about dressed as Santa Claus, but apart from that it didn’t have a lot to do with Christmas but it’s definitely a movie that I would happily watch again at Christmas time.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, something a bit more hard and darker than your usual Christmas movie, then I definitely recommend this. However, being a German film there was a lot of comedic moments too which I think really added to the darkness of it. Speaking to people who understand the German ways of film this seems to be quite a common feature, they like to mix the dark side of terror with dry comedy. I’m not sure it really worked for me but while I was terrified watching some of the scenes the comedic moments added in did make me laugh too.

This is definitely a movie I would recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would happily watch it again and again. It is a Christmas movie so I will probably mainly watch it around Christmas but I definitely feel this is a movie that if people ask me ‘I need a different Christmas movie from the happy go lucky ones we see all the time’ this is top of my list to recommend to them.

What do you think of Christmas Crossfire?

Until next time.

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